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Joint EERA-EoCoE position paper on HPC for Energy

09 Feb 2022
Rafael Mayo-García (EERA & CIEMAT) is lead author of this position paper that delivers key messages for both the scientific community and policymakers in the EU, highlighting the crucial role that high-performance computing (HPC) plays in delivering on the goals of the EU Green Deal, supporting the green and digital transitions in Europe.

As Europe is working towards a decarbonized energy ecosystem, with a clear vision and goals set by the European Green Deal, EERA and EoCoE have identified a blind spot: energy domain scientists do not take full advantage of the potential that HPC-fueled simulations can offer to their work. This situation is the result of a lack of HPC related expertise available to scientists.

To this end, EERA has recently created a transversal Joint Programme “Digitalisation for Energy” that allows a wide range of scientists in the energy domain to access the considerable expertise amassed through previous cross-domain collaborations between application experts and domain scientists explored in the project EoCoE. Currently, a few pilot collaborations are already established via this Joint Programme (in materials modelling, hydropower and energy systems integration) and more are to follow.

The position paper aims to trigger suitable coordination actions and funding decisions from the European Commission and Member States to support the development of tuned data models and simulation codes for energy thematic areas, while making use of the latest technology in High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Data management becoming available at EU level: the Exascale generation. The paper explores the role played by digital tools tuned for the energy sector in support of the transition towards climate neutrality. 

As a preview of what the position paper entails, below are the main recommendations that EoCoE and EERA  convey to EU and national funding authorities as well as to research and innovation stakeholders.

Source: EERA News


About EERA
The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) is the association of European public research centres and universities active in low-carbon energy research. EERA pursues the mission of catalysing European energy research for a climate-neutral society by 2050. Bringing together more than 250 organisations from 30 countries, EERA is Europe’s largest energy research community. EERA coordinates its research activities through 18 Joint Programmes and is a key player in the European Union’s Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan.

About EoCoE
At the crossroads of the energy and digital revolutions, EoCoE develops and applies cutting-edge computational methods in its mission to accelerate the transition to the production, storage and management of clean, decarbonized energy. Financed as project EoCoE-II with the support of EU under grant agreement no. 824158.

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