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El principal objetivo de la RES es ofrecer los recursos de supercomputación a la comunidad científica para impulsar el avance de la ciencia y la innovación. En esta sección se destacan algunos de los resultados de investigación obtenidos por los usuarios de la RES.

Resultados destacados

12 Dic 2017
(Via Universitat de Barcelona) The research group leaded by Xavier Barril, user of the Spanish Supercomputing Network, has developed a more efficient computational method to identify new drugs. The study, published in the scientific journal Nature Chemistry , proposes a new way of facing the discovery of molecules with biological activity. Since it is based on a different approach, this method complements conventional tools and allows going fo ...
24 Nov 2016
(Via ICIQ) The research group of Núria López has published a paper in Nature Materials explaining how massive simulations prove that certain surfaces are more disordered than previously thought. Prof. Núria López is a researcher in the Institut Català d’Investigació Química (ICIQ) and user of the Spanish Supercomputing Network. Surface terminations are responsible for the chemical and physical properties of materials. Understanding ...
14 Nov 2016
(Via IFIMAC) A group of Spanish and French researchers has described in the journal Science the first real-time observation of the birth and subsequent evolution of an electronic wave packet. In addition to providing the first ‘movie’ of the electron wave packet dynamics, and of the interferences that such dynamics implies, the high degree of control and high temporal resolution achieved by the study opens the door to the design of electro ...


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