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The Spanish Supercomputing Network (RES) aims to offer its supercomputing resources to the scientific community to promote the progress of high-quality research and innovation. This section highlights some of the research results obtained by RES users.

Highlighted results

12 Nov 2018
Glycogen is the key energy storage molecule in humans, animals and fungi. It’s where the glucose that fuels us is stored and release from. However, the precise mechanisms by which glycogen is formed at its very start have remained unclear until now. A recent study published in Nature uncovers how the enzyme that initiates glyconeogenesis works at a molecular level. The research was carried out by a team of the Institute of Theoretical and Computa ...
23 Sep 2018
(Via ICN2) Heat transfer fluids are widely used as coolants in vehicles and industrial processes to dissipate heat and prevent overheating. However, the cooling potential of current fluids based on water and oils is typically too low to meet the ever more demanding needs of industry. In microelectronics, for instance, absolute temperature control is crucial for the adequate and reliable performance of electronic components. Additionally, new equa ...
23 Apr 2018
(Via Phys.org) For the first time, physicists have developed a method to visually image the entanglement between electrons. As these correlations play a prominent role in determining a molecule's wave function—which describes the molecule's quantum state—the researchers then used the new method to produce the first images of the square of the two-electron wave function of a hydrogen (H2) molecule. Although numerous techniques already exist for ...


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