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The RES forms part of the European Digital Innovation Hubs Catalogue

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14 Sep 2017
The Spanish Supercomputing Network was recently included in the catalogue of European Digital Innovation Hubs. This catalogue is an initiative from the European Commission linked to the Digitising European Industrial Strategy, with the objective to increase industry’s competitiveness through digital technologies.

Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) are one-stop-shops that help companies to become more competitive with regard to their business/production processes, products or services using digital technologies. They are based upon technology infrastructure (competence centre) and provide access to the latest knowledge, expertise and technology to support their customers with piloting, testing and experimenting with digital innovations. As proximity is considered crucial, they act as a first regional point of contact, a doorway, and strengthen the innovation ecosystem. As part of the implementation of the Digitising European Industrial Strategy, a Digital Innovation Hubs Catalogue has been created containing comprehensive information of the digital innovation hubs in Europe to give any SME or industry access to the exact competence fitting its needs in order to digitize its products and services.

The RES has been identified as part of this Catalogue under the name of Spanish Digital Innovation Hub for HPC (esHPC). To obtain this recognition, the RES has demonstrated its ability to provide technological expertise in HPC, its experience offering services within SHAPE and POP programmes, and its condition of recipient of governmental funding. Hereinafter, the RES has the opportunity to participate in the calls to provide funds to DIHs. The European Commission plans to focus €500 million over the Horizon 2020 budget in the pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs.

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