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Results User Survey 2017 2018

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18 Sep 2019
Users show high levels of satisfaction with the use of HPC resources and the support they receive.

The results obtained in this survey show that the level of satisfaction about the RES services and resources is high. Up to 86% of users are satisfied or very satisfied with the services provided by the RES (being 84% in the last survey), so the global perception is very positive (rating of 4 or 5 points). The average rating of RES services is 4.3 / 5. The level of satisfaction with the support service is excellent and users highlight the promptness of response and the kindness of the team. Most users are highly satisfied with the awarded resources (rating of 4.06 / 5). The 77% of respondents used the awarded resources as expected (showing a significant increase from last survey, 62%), and only 9% of users consumed less hours. The percentage of users who have not consumed all the resources granted has decreased 7 points since the last survey. Users’ perception about the system performance is positive (average rating of 4.1 / 5). The quality of network connections and the stability and availability of the system is well rated, because 80-90% of users indicated that they are satisfied or very satisfied (4 or 5 points).
However, some points should be improved. Several users think that the application and evaluation procedures are not clearly explained. Besides, some users mention that the feedback provided by the reviewers is not useful to improve their future applications. Users claim for more transparency in the evaluation process. They also think that the period length is too short to complete their projects and ask for continuation in the evaluation of consecutive activities. The main suggestions drawn from the survey were related to the access time limited to 3-4 months, the time consuming re-filling reports when the main research project remains the same, and the evaluation process. In the technical area, data show that 22% of users have experienced difficulties related to being assigned to different machines. This value was 6 points higher than for the last survey.
Communication of RES activities (including the RES Users Committee) and the involvement of the users need reassessment and further analysis. The results of the survey indicate that the 24% of users do not know the existence of CURES, so the information available about CURES could be improved. The attendance and the level of satisfaction depends on the type of event.
External communication should be extended, since 73% of the respondents were not aware or following the RES Twitter account. Special attention should be drawn to new users.


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