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Quantum coherent dynamics: turbulence, non-equilibrium and interactions

Seminario científico
06 Sep 2023
This conference is addressed to the vibrant theoretical and experimental community devoted to the study of coherent dynamics in quantum systems.

Quantum systems are characterised by their exponential complexity, which makes their analysis require large-scale computational simulations. Therefore, this conference focuses on discussing recent advances in the analysis and simulation of these systems in various environments, from disordered systems to turbulent phenomena.

The study of coherent dynamics in quantum systems is of particular interest at present, and several relevant problems have been identified, such as Anderson localisation (many-body localisation), supersolidity, droplet formation, solitons and the role of vortex dynamics in understanding turbulence cascades, fluid instabilities and topological transitions (such as the famous Berezinskii-Kosteriltz-Thouless transition in two-dimensional systems). The conference will also focus on supercomputing applications for the analysis and simulation of quantum systems.

This conference is an exceptional opportunity for the scientific and academic community dedicated to the study of coherent dynamics in quantum systems to meet, share knowledge and network with some of the leading researchers in the field.


Participants can register on the following link.