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PUMPS+AI 2023: 13th Programming and Tuning Massively Parallel Systems + Artificial Intelligence Summer School

Seminario científico
26 Jun 2023
The 13th edition of the Programming and Tuning Massively Parallel Systems + Artificial Intelligence summer school (PUMPS+AI) is aimed at enriching the skills of researchers, graduate students and teachers with cutting-edge technique and hands-on experience in developing applications for many-core processors with massively parallel computing resources like GPU accelerators, with a special focus on artificial intelligence.
The following is a list of some of the topics that will be covered during the course:
  • Deep Learning
  • High-level programming models (OpenACC, Python, and Mathematica on GPUs)
  • CUDA Algorithmic Optimization Strategies
  • Dealing with Sparse and Dynamic data
  • Efficiency in Large Data Traversal
  • Reducing Output Interference
  • Controlling Load Imbalance and Divergence
  • Acceleration of Collective Operations
  • Dynamic Parallelism and HyperQ
  • Debugging and Profiling CUDA Code
  • Multi-GPU Execution
  • Architecture Trends and Implications
  • Introduction to OmpSs and to the Paraver analysis tool
  • OmpSs: Leveraging GPU/CUDA Programming
  • Hands-on Labs: CUDA Optimizations on Scientific Codes; OmpSs Programming and Tuning


Attendees may register online. Deadline: 30th April