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Seminario científico
19 Sep 2023
"New Trends in Virtual Reality in Chemistry 2023" aims to raise awareness of augmented reality and virtual reality and to explore all the possibilities offered by the use of these technologies in chemistry research.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are two very useful tools in the world of chemistry, as they allow the atomic and molecular environment to be explored in an immersive way. In recent years, due to technical progress and the computing power of new computers, much progress has been made in this field, even giving rise to companies specialising in the development of these techniques applied to chemistry, such as Nanome and Visyon, thus providing greater access to these technologies.

Having this possibility within our reach allows us to bring chemistry closer to students and researchers alike, making it easier to visualise processes such as chemical reactions, molecular properties and analysis of structurally complex systems such as proteins and nucleic acids. Likewise, these tools can be used to visualise molecular dynamics trajectories in complex systems generated using state-of-the-art computers.


Attendes can register on this link.