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EMBO Workshop: Computational models of life: From molecular biology to digital twins

Seminario científico
26 Nov 2023
Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Girona
This EMBO event is a 5-day workshop that will gather early-career researchers and field leaders at the crossroads of single-cell omics, modelling and HPC to pave the way for realistic, scalable human digital twins of cells, tissues and organs.

Single-cell and spatial omics have increased the data granularity available for understanding biological mechanisms as well as exponentially increasing the amount of biomedical data available. Modelling has helped biomedical projects by uncovering mechanisms behind drug synergies and personalizing drug treatments while allowing for the study of all scales, from molecules to cells to tissues to organs and even to whole bodies. High-Performance Computing (HPC) environments have enabled the scaling up of scientific computing allowing it to reach an unprecedented scope. HPC has become an essential tool in many fields due to its ability to power up data analysis, storage and large-scale processing.

Presentations and discussions around these rapidly-evolving topics will push the field forward by training researchers with techniques from neighbouring fields and allowing them to tackle problems using combined approaches.

Additionally, training courses and mentoring sessions will be held to prepare a new generation of early-career researchers to address the fundamental problems of having realistic, scalable human digital twins.


Attendees may register to the EMBO newsletter on the following link.