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4th Spanish HPC Combustion Workshop

Seminario científico
29 Sep 2023
HPCCOMB is a national workshop dedicated to bringing together the combustion community across the country, and share experiences and issues related to the modelling of combustion systems.

The use of numerical simulations in the context of High-Performance Computing (HPC) as a tool for design and understanding modern combustion systems is becoming increasingly important in the last decade as more computing power is currently available.

However, the modelling of combustion systems is very demanding in terms of physical models and algorithms, since it not only requires the modelling of combustion and turbulence, but also their interactions with additional phenomena such as atomization, vaporization, mixing and stirring.

Furthermore, combustion process usually involves large number of reacting species and radicals depending on the fuels leading to multiscale and multiphysics problems with large disparity of time and length scales. The enhancement of numerical methods and physical models over the last years has contributed to an improvement of the prediction capabilities, although many challenges are still to be faced such as flashback, thermoacoustic instabilities, partially premixing, stratified flows, among others.

All aspects of combustion simulations inherently need large number of computing resources and this community is well known to be an important player in HPC-related activities worldwide.


Attendes can register on this link.