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2nd Fusion HPC Workshop

Seminario científico
02 Dic 2021
Barcelona / Online
The 2nd Fusion HPC Workshop covers all computer applications using High Performance Supercomputing (HPC) in the field of fusion research.







The workshop topics include, but are not limited to, numerical simulations in the following areas:

  •         Energy and particle transport
  •         Multi-physics modelling
  •         Plasma turbulence and related transport processes
  •         Plasma hydrodynamics including linear, nonlinear and/or extended MHD
  •         Plasma instabilities
  •         Edge and plasma-material interactions
  •         Heating, fueling and current drive
  •         Laser-plasma interactions
  •         Fast particle physics and burning plasma issues
  •         Scenario development and control
  •         Fusion reactor materials
  •         Fusion reactor technology

For more information please visit: https://hpcfusion.bsc.es/

Más información

Abstract Submission: https://hpcfusion.bsc.es/?page_id=77