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Transcardio18. 2º Encuentro Español de Ciencia Translacional en Cardiología

Scientific seminar
18 Dec 2018
Co-organized by BSC, ELEM Biotech and Red Española de Supercomputación (RES). Supported by VHEARTSN - COMPBIOMED - SILICOFCM.

Translational medicine refers to biomedical research that seeks to facilitate the application of scientific discoveries towards medical care, procedures and policies of health of individuals and the community. We seek to bring together researchers in cardiac imaging, computational cardiology, pharmacology and cardiologists and bring the work of each participant closer to the central idea of exploiting the "translation" of knowledge.


During the meeting:

● The researchers will present their developments, highlighting the medical motivation and the potential of "translation".

● Cardiologists will describe their ongoing collaborations where "translation" is present. Also, they will expose problems that could be solved through potential collaborations. In this way, discussions will be established at the end of each session.

More information and registration in the website of the event.


Campus Nord UPC