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Quantum phase transition of a two-dimensional quadrupolar system

Área de investigaciónFísica
TítuloQuantum phase transition of a two-dimensional quadrupolar system
Tipo de publicaciónArtículo de revista
Año de publicación2021
AutoresAstrakharchik, GE, Kurbakov, IL, Sychev, VD, Fedorov, AK, Lozovik, YE
Type of ArticleArticle

Ensembles with long-range interactions between particles are promising for revealing strong quantum collective effects and many-body phenomena. Here we study the ground-state phase diagram of a two-dimensional Bose system with quadrupolar interactions using a diffusion Monte Carlo technique. We predict a quantum phase transition from a gas to a solid phase. The Lindemann ratio and the condensate fraction at the transition point are gamma = 0.269(4) and n(0)/n = 0.031(4), correspondingly. We observe the strong rotonization of the collective excitation branch in the vicinity of the phase transition point. Our results can be probed using state-of-the-art experimental systems of various nature, such as quasi-two-dimensional systems of quadrupolar excitons in transition metal dichalcogenide trilayers, quadrupolar molecules, and excitons or Rydberg atoms with quadrupole moments induced by strong magnetic fields.