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On the dynamics of jet wiping: Numerical simulations and modal analysis

Área de investigaciónMatemáticas, Física e Ingeniería
TítuloOn the dynamics of jet wiping: Numerical simulations and modal analysis
Tipo de publicaciónArtículo de revista
Año de publicación2021
AutoresBarreiro-Villaverde, D, Gosset, A, Mendez, MA

We analyze the flow of a planar gas jet impinging on a thin film dragged by a vertical moving wall. In the coating industry, this configuration is known as jet wiping, a process in which impinging jets control the thickness of liquid coatings on flat plates withdrawn vertically from a coating bath. We present three-dimensional (3D) two-phase flow simulations combining large eddy simulation (LES) and volume of fluid techniques. Three wiping configurations are simulated and the results are validated with experimental data from previous works. Multiscale modal analysis is used to analyze the dynamic interaction between the gas flow and the liquid film. In particular, we present a combination of multiscale Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (mPOD) and correlation analysis. The mPOD is used to identify the dominant traveling wave pattern in the liquid film flow, and the temporal structures are used to determine the most correlated flow features in the gas jet. This allows for revealing a two-dimensional mechanism for wave formation in the liquid coat. Finally, we use the numerical results to analyze the validity of some of the critical assumptions underpinning the derivation of integral film models of jet wiping.