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PATC: Earth Sciences Simulation Environments

Formación técnica
27 Nov 2018
The objective of this PATC course is to cover the basics of a high performance computing (HPC) environment oriented towards earth science applications, specifically chemical weather modelling and climate modelling.


  1. Introduction to earth science fundamentals and modelling;
  2. Basic usage of an HPC environment: shell, compilers, libraries, file systems, queuing system and parallel computing;
  3. Build and configure targeted earth science applications with the NMMB/MONARCH chemical transport model and with the EC-EARTH climate model;
  4. Execute and monitor numerical experiments using a workflow manager;
  5. Analyse and visualise model outputs with a wide set of tools.

Learning outcomes: Participants will learn and gain experience in accessing an HPC facility, installing earth science numerical models and related utilities and libraries, running numerical simulations, monitoring the execution of supercomputing jobs, analysing and visualising model results.

More information in the website of the event.