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At the University of Valencia (UV)

The University of Valencia hosts the Tirant supercomputer, which is located in the Burjassot campus and it is managed by the Servei d’Informàtica (SIUV). The SIUV is in charge of managing the infrastructure and the system (hardware and software). Its staff provides also the user support service.

Tirant supercomputer started working in January 2008. In the current configuration, after the last update (July 2018), Tirant is made up of 336 nodes each with two Intel Xeon processors SandyBridge E5-2670 to 2.6 Ghz and 32 GB RAM DDR3 (5376 cores). This configuration provides Tirant with a theoretical maximum performance of 111.8 Tflops.

Visits to the RES facilities: version 4 of Tirant supercomputer is currently being configured and visits are cancelled. Updates on new visits coming soon here 

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Machine information

Machine name Tirant
% of the machine provided to RES 50 %
Peak performance 111.8 Tflop/s
Main memory 10 TB
Number of nodes 336
Main nodes characteristics iDataPlex dx360m4, 2 processors, 32 GB RAM DDR3
Type of CPU Intel Xeon SandyBridge E5-2670 a 2,6 Ghz
Number of cores per node 16
Number of cores in total 5376
GFlops per core 20.2
Disk storage Lustre, 283 TB
Interconnection networks Infiniband FDR10, 40 Gbps
Operating system OpenSuSe Leap 42.4


Support team / Contact

Two technicians from SIUV are in charge of Tirant system administration and user support.

Contact: res_support@uv.es