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CénitS is the Extremadura Supercomputing, Technological Innovation and Research Center aimed to promote and provide, HPC services and advanced communications to the research communities of Extremadura, or that company or institution that requests it and thus contribute through technological improvement and innovation, improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

From 2009, until the end of 2017, CénitS managed LUSITANIA, the first supercomputer in Extremadura, which has provided researchers, innovators and technologists with a resource capable of satisfying requirements that could not otherwise be addressed, offering intensive calculation services and advanced communications to the research community, companies, institutions and technology centers of Extremadura.

Since the end of 2015, CénitS has the LUSITANIA II Supercomputer, reaching a calculation capacity of 89.19 TFlops, thus considerably increasing the available power. 

Since the beginning of 2020, Extremadura has had the LUISITANIA III supercomputer, notable increasing the computing resources offered by the COMPUTAEX Foundation, reaching a total supercomputing calculation capacity of 93 TFlops plus 120 TFlops of graphic computing.

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Machine information

HPC Resources

Machine name Lusitania II
% of the machine provided to RES 56,24 %
Peak performance 89.19 TFlops
Main memory 8.726 GB
Number of nodes 208
Main nodes characteristics
  • 40 Fujitsu Primergy CX2550 servers with 2 Intel Xeon E5-2660v3 processors, 10 cores per processor, 2,6GHz (20 cores per node, 800 cores) and 25 MB cache, with 80 GB RAM and 2 128GB SSD disks.
  • 168 IBM System x iDataPlex dx360 M4 with 2 Intel E5-2670 SandyBridge-EP processors, 8 cores per processors, 2.6GHz (16 cores per node, 2688 cores), 20 MB cache and 32GB RAM.
Disk storage 206 TB
Interconnection networks Infiniband QDR 56 Gbps
Operating system Suse Linux Enterprise Server


Data projects Resources

Core Features: Archival projects and Data storage, regardless of discipline

Available storage space (TB)

220 TB (1st year) – 660 TB (3rd year)

Standard protocol for external access


Standard data transfer protocol


High speed network connection RedIRIS/autonomous networks

10 Gbps

Backup protocol

Yes, Of the 220 TB, we offer the possibility to reserve 20 TB for backup

Security system

Firewal + LDAP

Monitorization system

Monitorization system based on bash scripting, Influxdb y Grafana.

Personnel assigned to support users who access the center through the network


Optional characteristics: data storage and exploration projects (basic exploitation), generic and/or specific by subject area

Federated access protocol (EduGAIN, SIR, …)


Optimized transfer system for large volumes of data


Treatment of personal data and ethics committee


Data management policy

In documentation process


Additional features: More specific exploitation projects, with advanced tools, and/or depending on the subject area

Data services for scientific projects (maintained by the node)



Support and consulting service for other nodes of the data network


Support team / Contact

The team of engineers of CéniS is responsible for providing technical support to users. In addition to providing services to researchers and innovators, it has participated in numerous research projects, funded in competitive regional, national and international calls.

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