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At the University of Cantabria

Altamira is a HPC cluster that belongs to RES (Red Española de Supercomputación) and located in the University of Cantabria, in IFCA (Institute de Física de Cantabria) building.

Altamira has IBM dx360 computing blades and since 2007 is running more than 50 million of hours providing resources to different projects from astronomy and cosmology, to biology applications.

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Machine information

Nombre de la máquina Altamira
% of the machine provided to RES 26%
Peak performance 105 Tflops
Number of nodes 158
Main nodes characteristics Main compute nodes are IBM dx360 and have two Intel Sandybridge E5-2670 processors, each one with 8 cores operating at 2.6 GHz and a cache of 20MB, 64 GB of RAM memory (i.e. 4 GB/core) and 500 GB local disk.
Type of CPU Intel Sandybridge E5-2670 at 2.6GHz
Number of codes per node 16
GB per node 64 GB of RAM memory
GFlops per nodo 332.8 GFLOPS
Disk storage All the nodes are connected to a global storage system based on GPFS (Global Parallel File System)  providing a total of 2 PB.
Interconnexion networks

The internal network in Altamira includes:

 * Infiniband Network (FDR): High bandwidth network used by parallel applications communications and data transfer.

 * Gigabit Network: Ethernet network used by the management services.

Other characteristics

The Altamira system is connected to Internet with a direct connection to RedIris Nova at 1 Gbit/s.

4 additional GPUs and 2 login servers to access the data.

Operating system Main compute nodes run Scientific Linux (currently 6.4 version)

Support team / Contact

IFCA provides to users consulting assistance. User support consultants are available during normal business hours, Monday to Friday, 09 a.m. to 17 p.m. (CEST time).

User questions and support are handled at:
 * Spanish Supercompiting Network (RES) at res_support@ifca.unican.es
 * UC groups or ''Servicio Santander de Supercomputación'' users at ssc@unican.es