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MACUMB 2017 workshop gathered more than 60 experts in computational chemistry

31 May 2017
The event took place the 25th and 26th of May in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and included hands-on sessions about scientific software.

The scientific workshop MACUMB 2017 (Massive computation for ultrafast molecular breaking) was held the 25th and 26th of May in the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. This event gathered more than 60 researchers and students interested in computational chemistry and molecular and atomic physics. The programme included several talks, as well as hands-on sessions in computer rooms about scientific software (DFTB and NewtonX) leaded by the developers of these packages. Most of the attendees to this workshop came from several Spanish universities and research centres, and there was a big interest among Master and PhD students.

The workshop was organized by Alicia Palacios, Sergio Díaz and Jesús González, researchers from the Chemistry Department of the UAM, with the support of the Spanish Supercomputing Network. The participants had the opportunity to visit Cibeles node in the Centro de Computación Científica UAM. This RES node also provided the computing resources needed for the hands-on sessions.

The RES promotes scientific seminars, which address supercomputing technology applications in specific scientific areas. These events are open to the entire research community and aim to disseminate RES resources and activities, as well as to contribute to increase the know-how about HPC technologies among researchers.

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