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Dissemination activities in RES nodes during the Science Week

06 Nov 2017
Several centres from the Spanish Supercomputing Network organize open days and other dissemination activities in the context of the Science Week 2017, from November 6 to November 19.

The Science Week is a national annual initiative and this year edition will be held from November 6 to November 19. During these days, research institutions and universities will organize dissemination activities, guided visits, open days, workshops and conference, with the objective of engaging society and increase the awareness of citizens about the importance of research an innovation.

Five centres of the Spanish Supercomputing Network has joined this initiative and organize guided visits, open days and other dissemination activities, which are free of charge and are addressed to general public or school groups.

  • FCSCL (León): the Fundación Centro de Supercomputación de Castilla y León organize guided visits from 13 to 17 of November. These visits are one-hour lenght and include an introductory talk about supercomputing technologies and its applications, followed by a visit to FCSCL facilities hosting the Calendula supercomputer.
  • CSUC (Barcelona): the Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya organize open days from 13 to 17 November. Participants will be able to visit the CSUC facilities, which host supercomputing historical equipment, and will attend a talk to know the activities developed in the centre.
  • COMPUTAEX (Cáceres): the supercomputing centre of Extremadura will offer guided visits to its facilities from 9 to 17 November, with the objective to introduce the CénitS foundation (Centro Extremeño de Investigación, Innovación Tecnológica y Superocmputación) and its supercomputers: Lusitania and Lusitania II. Besides, the centre will organize talks to show some research and innovation projects.
  • IFCA (Santander): the Institute of Physics of Cantabria will organize during the Science Week a talk entitled “Exploring the most violent Universe: the supermassive black holes”, which aims to disseminate some key concepts related to astrophysics. Besides, they will receive visits from school groups and will offer some activities and workshops in different labs.
  • CESGA (Santiago de Compostela): the supercomputing centre of Galicia will open its doors to citizens from 13 to 17 November. Participants will have the chance to visit the centre facilities and to know the FinisTerrae II supercomputer.

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