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Close to 100 researches attended the scientific workshop “NGS and supercomputing”

19 May 2017
Last Thursday 11th of May, the workshop “Next Generation Sequencing and supercomputing, life as a couple” was held in Madrid. Near 100 participants from several Spanish research centres participated in the event.

The workshop “Next Generation Sequencing and supercomputing, life as a couple”, took place in the Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa (CSIC – UAM) on 11 May. It was organized by the staff from the Genomics and Massive Sequencing Service of CBMSO (Begoña Aguado, Fernando Carrasco and Ramón Peiró), with the support of the Spanish Supercomputing Network.

The opening session started with the participation of Rafael Garesse, Vice-rector of Research and Innovation of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and Alberto Luna, Director of the Scientific Computing Centre (CCC – UAM). The programme included presentations of experts in several research areas related to genomics, coming from different national and international research centres. The workshop also included the participation of private companies’ representatives. This event was an opportunity for the attendees to exchange their experiences and computational needs in their research projects, and to discover different technological solutions for data processing and storage.

The RES promotes scientific seminars, which address supercomputing technology applications in specific scientific areas. These events are open to the entire research community and aim to disseminate RES resources and activities, as well as to contribute to increase the know-how about HPC technologies among researchers.

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