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11th RES Users' Meeting & 6th HPC Advisory Council Conference

Users meeting
28 Sep 2017
Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
The RES Users’ Conference is an annual event addressed to all the current and potential users of the HPC resources of the Spanish Supercomputing Network.

The Spanish Supercomputing Network (RES) organizes every year a users’ meeting to inform about RES resources and procedures. This event aims to be a discussion forum among RES users, technical staff, the access committee and the users’ committee. In addition, the scientific parallel sessions and the poster session will promote the dissemination of highlighted research results of RES users. The local organizer of this meeting is the RES node Fundación Pública Galega Centro Tecnolóxico de Supercomputación de Galicia (CESGA).

The 11th RES Users’ Meeting will be held jointly withthe 6th HCP Advisory Council Conference. The objective of this event is to encourage an interactive exchange between companies and organizations with the final HPC users. It will address a wide range of disciplines and interests such as Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Exascale Era, Big Data, etc. It will include technical, keynote and sponsor sessions.


The meeting will take place in the facilities of the Instituto de Investigaciones Agrobiológicas de Galicia (CSIC) and the Faculty of Chemistry (USC), in Santiago de Compostela.



Accommodation: list of recommended hotels near the venue.


11.00h Javier García Tobío (CESGA) & Sergi Girona (BSC): Welcome and Agenda Presentation
11.10h Sergi Girona (Operations Director of BSC, RES Manager): MareNostrum 4 and updates in the RES
11.30h Oriol Pineda (BSC, PRACE Peer Review Director): Access to PRACE HPC resources
11.50h Coffee break

Ulises Cortés (BSC): AI@BSC: View and challenges.


Institutional Presentation

María Carmen Vela (Secretaria de Estado de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación)

Francisco José Conde (Conselleiro de Economía, Empleo e Industria, Xunta de Galicia)

13.30h Javier Junquera (UC, Chair of CURES): RES Users' Committee Presentation
14.00h Lunch and poster session

Scientific parallel session:

Chemistry and Materials Science

Scientific parallel session:

Life and Health Sciences

Scientific parallel session:

Mathematics, Physics and Engineering

Scientific parallel session:

Astronomy, Space and Earth Sciences

15.30h QCM 1 BCV 1 FI 1 AECT 1
16.00h QCM 2 BCV 2 FI 2 AECT 2
16.30h QCM 3 BCV 3 FI 3 AECT 3
17.00h Coffee break
17.30h QCM 4 BCV 4 FI 4 AECT 4
18.00h QCM 5 BCV 5 FI 5 AECT 5
18.45h Pause
19.00h Closing session by Javier García (CESGA) and Sergi Girona (BSC) (10 min)
20.00h Social event. Meeting point (download pdf)


Scientific parallel session: Chemistry and Materials Science and Technology

Chair: Francesc Illas (UB)

QCM 1 (15.30h) Sílvia Osuna (UdG): The role of conformational dynamics in the evolution of novel enzymatic activities
QCM 2 (16.00h) Annapaola Migani (IQAC): An excited-state perspective on the photocatalytic water oxidation on TiO2 under UHV
QCM 3 (16.30h) Javier Carrasco (Cicenergigune): Molecular modelling, high performance computing, and the pursuit of better batteries
QCM 4 (17.30h) Chantal Valeriani (UCM): Ice nucleation: what we have learned so far, and what still needs to be understood
QCM 5 (18.00h) José Hugo García (ICN2): Charge and spin Hall Kubo conductivity by O(N) real-space methods


Scientific parallel session: Life and Health Sciences

Chair: Vicente Galiano (UMH)

BCV 1 (15.30h) David Torrents (BSC): The computational analysis of genomic data… more complex than big
BCV 2 (16.00h) Nicola GA Abrescia (CIC bioGUNE): Assembly of vertical single beta-barrel membrane-containing viruses by high-resolution cryo-EM
BCV 3 (16.30h) Carmen Domene (University of Bath): Studies of transport in ion channels using computer simulation
BCV 4 (17.30h) Pablo Dans (IRB): Expanding the boundaries of DNA crystal simulations
BCV 5 (18.00h) Daniel Lietha (CNIO): Structural and dynamic insights into allosteric inter-domain signalling in SHIP2


Scientific parallel session: Mathematics, Physics and Engineering

Chair: Xavier Trias (UPC)

FI 1 (15.30h) Linda Angela Zotti (UAM): Electron transport through nanostructures and proteins
FI 2 (16.00h) Maximilian Attems (UB): Holographic heavy ion collisions
FI 3 (16.30h) Shimpei Futatani (BSC): Non-linear MHD simulations of ELM control via pellet injection in fusion plasmas
FI 4 (17.30h) Javier Honrubia (UPM): Integrated simulations of fast ignition of inertial confinement fusion targets
FI 5 (18.00h) Javier Jiménez (UPM): The power of data: exploring the physics of turbulence from one to five dimensions.


Scientific parallel session: Astronomy, Space and Earth Sciences

Chair: Manuel Ruiz (IEO)

AECT 1 (15.30h) Manuel Ruiz (IEO): HPC and modeling in the marine sciences: marine and climate services
AECT 2 (16.00h) Gonzalo Míguez-Macho (USC): High resolution modeling in the atmosphere and the earth
AECT 3 (16.30h) Neven Fuckar (BSC): On the EOS-COST ORA-IP and the BSC ocean-sea-ice data assimilation products.
AECT 4 (17.30h) Roland Aznar (Puertos del Estado): HPC resources for ocean modelling: the IBI Copernicus Marine Service example
AECT 5 (18.00h) Antonio Cofiño (UC): Climate simulations and services on HPC, Cloud and Grid infrastructures


Friday 29 September: HPC Advisory Council Conference (9.00 – 18.00 h). Check the agenda.


Registration is now closed. The event is free of charge and includes the coffees and the lunch of the 28th and 29th of September.


Further information

Poster presentation: We encourage young researchers attending the RES Users' Conference to present their work in the poster session. Proposals must be submited through the registration form before the 11th of September (23.59h CEST). Posters will be exposed during the coffee breaks and the lunch break on the 28th September and they will be listed in the book of abstracts. Posters should be DinA0 portrait format, in Spanish or English.

If you need further information, write an email to dissemination@res.es

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